In order to best serve our customers and to ensure their peace of mind, Sterling Household Services, LLC (Sterling Refinishing) offers a 3-Year Warranty for all refinishing work completed by us on all bathtubs and tile surround. This Warranty also includes provisions for coverage on countertops, and a 1-Year Limited Warranty for refinishing services completed on rental or investment properties (where the home owner/purchaser does not reside).

This warranty guarantees the craftsmanship on every refinishing project completed by Sterling Refinishing for a full 3 years against peeling, fading, discoloring (yellowing) or crazing.


This warranty does not apply to customers who neglect any of the below listed Care & Maintenance items. Such repairs will be the sole responsibility of the customer and not Sterling Refinishing.

We reserve the right to make changes to this warranty policy.

This warranty is not transferable, unless we are notified in advance that the property where work will be performed is intended to be sold within 60 days of us completing service, in which case the 1-Year Limited Warranty can be assumed by the new owner IF we are provided the new owner’s contact information within 60 days of service.

The 3-Year Warranty offered by Sterling Refinishing applies to all bathtub and tile projects completed by us, where the owner resides at the property.

The 1-Year Limited Warranty offers the same guarantee against fading, peeling, or crazing, but requires a service fee of $150 if any repairs are needed.

Please note that this warranty is only effective if the refinishing project has been paid in full (on the day of service) and the person who originally purchased the refinishing services retains the original receipt (and provides it to the new owner who qualifies for transfer of Warranty).

A Release Form MUST have also been signed by purchaser and on file, AND the specific instructions on the Release Form must have also been adhered to for this Warranty to be effective.



By contracting Sterling Refinishing you have selected the most durable refinishing system available in the industry. By following the guidelines listed below, you will be assured many years of trouble-free service.

Once your tub, tile or countertop has been refinished, please DO NOT use the surface for at least 10 hours. We recommend waiting a full 24 hours. Although the refinished surface can be put back into full use after this time, the surface will require up to 30 days to completely cure.

Be sure to always observe the following to ensure the longevity of your new finish, especially during the first 30 days:

  1. Clean the finish regularly with mild soap and a sponge to prevent soap or other build up on surface (this will help prevent the use of abrasive cleaners which will damage the finish). For light use, we recommend cleaning the tub 2-3 times per month, more often with heavier use.
  2. Do not use bleach, Comet, Ajax, Soft Scrub (with bleach), green pads, etc., or any other abrasives to clean the surface. A mild cleaner such as 409, Fantastic or even regular dish soap with a soft cloth will be all you need.
  3. Also, do not use any bath mats with suction cups, as this will damage the refinished surface. Use of bathmats or abrasive cleaners will automatically void the surface’s warranty.
  4. The owner and user must maintain faucets and plumbing. Leaky faucets will erode the new finish, causing it to crack and wear out prematurely thus voiding this Warranty. Do not use refinished items for liquid storage or subject the surface to any dye.
  5. Be sure that your faucet taps are dry and not dripping after using the fixture, and be sure to towel dry the refinished surface after each use.
  6. Do not drop, drag any objects on the finish, which may cause it to chip, scrape or peel or mar the finish. Do not use any counter top as a cutting board or cut on it. Prevent children’s toys from chipping bathtubs.
  7. DO NOT lay soap, bottles, spray cans, wet clothes or any other objects on the finished surface for more than 24 hours. (Rust from shaving lotion cans or dye from labeling may stain surface if allowed to sit for long periods of time).
  8. We suggest using liquid soap or body washes, as they rinse easily with water and help prevent bar soap residue. Do not place or store bar soap on any refinished surface.
  9. Destruction of the surface may occur by using acid compounds such as drain openers or tile grout cleaners. All Harsh Chemicals should be kept away from the finish, including hair dyes, nail polish removers and perfumes.
  10. On all areas requiring protection, the owner must maintain caulking. Caulking and/or Grouting is not warranted.
  11. Damage may occur to any refinished surface when exposed to extreme heat. Keep hot objects away from the refinished surface.
  12. Use caution on all refinished surfaces as they may be slippery. We are not responsible for any accidents or injuries which may occur from use on a “slippery” surface. If we install a slip resistant surface YOU MUST STILL USE CAUTION when using the bathtub. The slip resistant surface will only help in preventing slips and falls, and we are not responsible for any accidents which may occur.

REMEMBER, if you treat your new surface with respect, clean it regularly with non-abrasive cleaners, and follow the above guidelines, your bathtub and tile will stay shiny and bright, and give you many years of trouble-free service.


In the event of a failure covered under this warranty, Sterling Refinishing will, at our option, either repair the failed area or re-refinish the entire bathtub and/or tile, or countertop.

This Warranty is automatically void if any other refinishing services are provided/performed on the same fixture by anyone other than Sterling Refinishing after our work is complete.

This Warranty on the refinished item is 3 Years from the date that refinishing service was completed, and is only provided to the original purchaser on Bathtubs, Showers, vertical Wall Tile and Kitchen Cabinets, Counter tops, Sinks/Vanities, Inlays, Bathtub Modifications, Cultured Marble and Fiberglass.

The Limited Warranty for Commercial/Investment and/or Rental Properties is 1-Year from the date that the refinishing service was completed, and is only provided to the original purchaser unless we were advised before work began that the property was intended to be sold, and you provided us the new property owner’s contact information.

This Warranty covers defects in Material and Workmanship. We further warrant that your refinished fixtures will not, on its own (with all Maintenance & Care Instructions followed), flake, peel, discolor (yellow) or fade for the time stated.

Warranty requests must be made in writing and mailed to our office by regular mail or E-mail. No Repair request will be accepted by telephone. Scheduling repairs will be done during normal business hours.

If repairs are needed for issues that are not covered by this warranty, the purchaser shall pay the full cost of refinishing (plus a $100 fee to strip the old finish if required). If circumstances of needed repairs are considered outside of the purchasers control, we will assess a $70 credit towards the repair.

A $150 service fee (plus costs of repair) shall be assessed for all repairs covered by a 1-Year Limited Warranty.

A $25 fuel charge applies to ALL repairs that are covered under this warranty (unless they are reported within the first 30 days after service was completed). Sterling Refinishing retains the sole ability to render a final decision when determining if the refinished item is covered by this Warranty. Contact us for repairs immediately, as delays will void the Warranty, because it may cause the surface to peel or lead to other problems.

Conditions Considered

Scratching, deterioration of the glossy finish or staining over time due to usage, cleaning practices or water conditions will be considered to be normal wear and tear. This warranty will not apply where the original porcelain has been removed, or the fixture has had to have patchwork, or the surface has rust or corrosion.

These fixtures will be repaired to the best of our ability. If rust or corrosion previously existed, it is impossible to prevent against any future corrosion or rust problems reoccurring. Movement or flexing resulting in cracks or splits on any surface including fiberglass or grout lines are not warranted. The Warranty does not cover customer neglect, or for failure to comply with the Care & Maintenance Instructions listed above. Repairs caused by not complying with the above listed items will be the responsibility of the customer and repairs will be charged at our standard rates.

Items Not Covered Under This Warranty

Kitchen sinks, floors, spas, caulk, plumbing, shower doors, rust and chip repairs are not warranted.

No warranty is offered for refinished bathtubs in homes or apartments where tenants reside unless the property owner has entered into an ongoing maintenance plan and routine inspection schedule with Sterling Refinishing.